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How to Remove Rotted Orchid Roots. I’m happy to hear you’ve been bitten by the orchid bug too! I will be putting you on my home screen. An orchid that has all its roots rotten and no viable roots left can’t be revived most likely. (Don’t panic if old roots start to die out! The best option is to leave the air roots alone. It’s the best stuff I’ve found yet, by far! Another thing you can do is to put the orchid in moss-only. Orchid care. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. As noted above, if your orchid does generate a secondary bloom, expect the flowers to be smaller than the initial display. How to trim orchid air roots. Thank you for taking your time to stop by and share your thoughts! Trim the spike down to an inch or so above its base to help the plant refocus its energy on its roots and leaf production. Each one has a relatively long terrestrial root, and they do have relatively decent aerial roots, so I think they’ll survive if I baby them. So I did air on the side of caution and rinsed the neem oil off of the roots. Hi Charlice! This can happen only in the presence of light. Answer: Yes, lowering the plant in its new pot to hide its bare stem is exactly what you should do. I would love to hear more from you and I hope that I can create articles that are informative and fun to read for you and your son I hope you have a beautiful & blessed day! Firstly, if the plant has a flower spike or is starting to grow one, cut it off. Can you tell me what else i can do if I cant cut them. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. The aerial roots on my first Phalaenopsis orchid confused me and I can recall trying to bury them under bark media when I had to repot it. Do Indoor Orchids Need Artificial Growth Lamps. 8. , Your email address will not be published. Pun intended lol. In this time, you have to adjust the orchid plant for the next stage caring. Mother Earth News however has some very helpful information for those looking to get in to gardening and the best ways to start so anyone can understand and enjoy. Sometimes orchid roots can become mushy and die from overwatering. I have even cut one of them and placed it into the small water glass, but 2 weeks later, nothing changed. It may not be for everyone, but more often than not, once you work with plants and understand them, you can’t help but love them and find them therapeutic, you know? The short answer is no. With moss, yes – you can see some examples HERE. There are specific pots and potting media they require. All the best with your orchid journey! We ha, Canna lilies are one of my absolute favorite plant, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! If the majority of your roots are brown, this is a classic sign of over-watering which has caused root rot. Article by Raffaele DiLallo. Your son is raising orchids? Brown can mean several things but it does mean dead or almost dead. The first time I unpotted an orchid, I was quite taken back by how different the roots looked like compared to the roots of ‘normal’ houseplants. You’re one of the few people who have recommended water culture, and I think it’s helping! But if you are new to Phalaenopsis orchids, the term may be unfamiliar to you. Why People Trim Orchid Spikes and How to Do it. "After lifting the orchid from the pot, remove all moss or bark from its roots," Rogers says. Ⅴery nice articⅼe. Fsnny, Hi Fanny. And many do it purely for visual reasons. My mom has a lovely orchid in need of some help, so I was taking notes on how to spruce the plant up for her…if she asks me too lol. Make sure the peroxide is not too weak and expired. Anywhere that you have made a cut to an orchid, I recommend sprinkling some powdered ground cinnamon on it. Trimming Air Roots on Orchids Aerial roots on orchids are vital to the plant because they absorb moisture and carbon dioxide that help the orchid grow and produce healthy roots, leaves and flowers. Now my son is raising orchids, so I will turn him on to your site. They truly live in the air. Good luck with your new orchid! The roots are about to hit the floor and i cant move the plant high up so can I cut the roots the are very healthy. Wouldn’t you agree? And to answer your question, as a beginner with orchids, I would focus more on “is this a healthy orchid?”  vs the actual size of the plant. They emerge after the growth of new leaves and new roots. 5. I’d do only one black tea soak overnight. This will dislodge any old, attached media and will plump your healthy roots, enabling you to know what you’re working with. Wow, I’ve not really come across a resource as this in the past. I’ve always liked Orchids. Trim an orchid root or stem only if it’s dry and you’re certain it’s dead, but work carefully to avoid cutting too deep and harming the plant. Some people call it the orchid’s “baby”, but in reality it’s an identical clone of the mother plant. Here you can see the exact way how to trim the flower spike; Spray with hydrogen peroxide 3% when finished cutting, to disinfect the roots. Thank you so much Irene for your reassuring advice. Well written and easy to understand – has helped me a lot. I hope you find these articles interesting! While pruning the roots of a plant or tree may sound scary, it's actually quite common. Avoiding the sun is mainly for heat purposes, especially during summer months! Thank you for stopping by PottedOpulence! If you accidentally cut off one of the healthy root strings, yes, it’s upsetting but don’t panic, your orchid should be okay. Do I need to use a clear container for the roots to receive sunlight? My mom buys an orchid from time-to-time, so this will be a great article for either forwarding to her or learning this stuff myself so I can help her trim the roots and re-pot the plants whenever the need arises. I’ve tried and failed. I’d let 1/4 – 1/2 of the roots to be in water, in a clear container. The function of aerial roots is to absorb water and nutrients from the air and to cling on to surfaces (hence being ‘air plants’). There has been science to also prove that sprinkling cinnamon on the potting media deters spiders and other creepy crawlers from invading your orchid’s house. I’m so happy for both you and your wife. Basic guides for beginning gardeners could be a little tricky as there are so many and they will depend on what kind of gardening you enjoy the most. Don’t worry about your orchid having so many roots — it means your orchid is doing well and enjoys its environment. Yellow orchid roots are ones that have not been exposed to sunlight and therefore have not gone through the photosynthesis process to turn them green. Air roots are contributing to the overall nourishment of your orchid, and depending on the state of your potting medium, it might be the only thing that is providing nutrition. Well, sometimes you may be interested to cut off the air roots. Glad to be of any help and support. Are you repotting immediately, or letting the orchid stand in water for a while? Trimming Air Roots on Orchids. Right after the bloom, a new stem spike started. Should you trim them? Is this even possible? I’d advice you to separate it. Trimming Orchid Roots – How Do I Know When? Be sure to sanitize your cutting tool by wiping the blades with rubbing alcohol or a solution of water and bleach before you begin. Hi, I found your website with a lot of useful information. If there’s any major doubt, I’d go ahead and leave it be at this time. So try not to stress them too much. Thank you so much for your question. It also provides the stickiness that allows epiphytic orchids to cling to tree branches. When you see roots are mostly dried and soppy, then it is the sign of mature orchid. Trimming aerial roots off an orchid deprives the plant of its foundation and its ability to absorb water and fertilizer, so I definitely don’t recommend doing that unless the roots are truly unhealthy and rotting (see my post on how to identify healthy vs. unhealthy roots)! Moss retains a lot of moisture. Why is this a good time? The best option is to leave the air roots alone. But meanwhile they’re still good functioning roots! I had the plant for about 3 years now. I understand, especially when it comes to Phalaenopsis orchids. Sorry to hear about your orchid. Oh it’s Kathy again I have one more question. Thank you so much for your positive comment! Trim an orchid root or stem only if it’s dry and you’re certain it’s dead, but work carefully to avoid cutting too deep and harming the plant. I tried to water them, then I tried to NOT water them, since I wasn’t sure if the medium wasn’t properly draining. The only way to naturally make a new orchid is with seeds. .. The very first thing I recommend personally is to carefully hold your orchid in one hand and rinse the roots with lukewarm water with the other hand. While holding it there, I sprinkle ground cinnamon all over the root system just to add a little extra protection. Aerial roots can act as a back up if the orchid should lose its root system for any reason. I am an orchid grower from Sri Lanka. Keep an eye on the leaves – if they start to look dehydrated (wrinkled) then the plant isn’t getting enough hydration. For orchids? First thing you have to do is to clean the old potting mix you have used for your orchid roots. Good luck! Only prune an orchid’s roots when you are getting ready to repot the plant. I had bought a cheap “blurple” light to try and get it more light, but I’m not sure it’s doing much. One item to note carefully is that you should never cut the air roots when trimming your orchid. /Irene. Few things in the plant care realm for many folks can produce fear and panic quite like the subject of… Read More . As in, basic guides for beginner gardeners. But if they really disturb you, then you can put them in the soil as long as you can do it without breaking them. So I repotted my old orchids a few months ago with BetterGro orchid potting mix. You’re obviously taking a good care of your orchid. I bookmarked your website. I’d take that over the majority of the nightmare jobs I’ve survived . If you are new to the orchid world, you might think that trimming orchid spikes is cruel or unnecessary. According to orchid experts, you should definitely not remove the roots. Hi Johanna Typically, it’s one of the first ways to diagnose a watering issue. Good to know though, not to do that again. . Glad to hear you’re giving orchids another go. At least you can find help here on this blog. Your ‘chids are already dealing with a huge change with adapting to water culture! These cookies do not store any personal information. Pruning orchids has never been a concept in my book; I leave them alone. What should I do with this piggy back plantlet? But it is not. Another stimulant for root growth can be fertilizer. We can choose to ac, Looking for that perfect gift for the plant lover, Wow. Overgrown roots show it’s time to repot your orchid. Root Pruning. This creates a humid environment which the plant can absorb humidity from through the leaves and aerial roots. After that you could even let the orchid be for 1-2 days before repotting, so the roots have time to “air out” and the freshly trimmed tips close. /Irene. So nice to hear from you again. One orchid variety in particular thrives well when planted in a garden in areas that aren't likely to freeze in winter. He was $5 so I am hoping I can revive him. Last year one of the flowers on the spike morphed into a plant- very healthy with 5 leaves and aerial roots. However, crown rot in orchids has been proven to be reversed by spraying in the crown regularly with hydrogen peroxide for 7-10 days. The basics for orchid growing are more simple than one might think. Even though trimming some healthy roots would not kill the orchid, it does create stress on the plant. On the contrary, healthy roots should be left as they are, because they are the orchid’s lifeline. Preferably not. Hope this helped! Many thanks for your time, your knowledge, and your wonderful thorough advice. If the old pot has enough space for the roots, then there’s no need to upsize – orchids like smaller space. Then my new plant started dying, and realized that my orchids had been over watered. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. /Irene. The orchid potting mix you use is the foundation for growing healthy orchids. While pruning the roots of a plant or tree may sound scary, it's actually quite common. Pull your orchid up and out of its pot and look at the roots to see if any of them appear to be dead. But it is not. With roots like that, often the good part ends up dying too. Cut as closely as possible to the stem, without damaging it. These roots serve a purpose, and do benefit the orchid. They are roots that have not received water in quite awhile and will never again be able to absorb water or nutrients in any form. Green & plump:  These are healthy orchid roots that have recently received water. I haven’t repotted it yet and according to your advice I should soak the roots in water for a little while anyway before I repot it which should remove any neem oil I sprayed on there. The orchid should not wobble but it should also not be overly packed in, either. Hmm, depends what kind of fuzz we’re talking about? The roots will also become flat, brittle and lose its color. To many orchid lovers’ surprise, orchids can live without potting media too. The following article first appeared in the American Orchid Society BULLETIN Vol. Now that it has grown bigger, you can safely cut it off and plant it in moss and/or fine bark. ♥, Your email address will not be published. Yellow:  The question is often asked – are yellow roots a sign that my orchid is dying or sick? Haha, you are correct about having to learn how to properly care for this very unique and special plant. And I am in the process of trying to save my original 3. The leaf color will take time to change anyway, so just keep using the light. Even though orchids like less space, the roots need media around them, because that’s where they absorb their nutrition from. They are my absolute favorite plant of all time. My goal with this post is by the time you finish reading it, you will feel much more comfortable and confident that you can successfully identify good vs bad roots and safely trim them if needed. Oh wow, those are some long aerial roots! That bit was never taught by my employer. A moth orchid requires another pruning once the second flush of flowers fades. 7. Blog Post Categories. They do have very specific requirements but most people can easily learn to meet their needs. . If you get a flame, you can blow on it to quickly put it out. Furthermore, also consider these useful tips in maintaining your orchid: try repotting your orchid every 2 to 3 years, when the potting soil becomes soggy. Brown:  These are the roots to focus on eliminating. But here’s my question and this just kills me, there are some beautiful thick multi-branching roots that look wonderful but the top two or three inches are squishy and part of the covering has disappeared so there’s like little strings that it’s hanging onto. Is a little fuzzy ok? You will easily recognize them: unhealthy roots are brown and mushy. Gently tapping the side of your pot while securing your plant in the other hand allows the orchid bark to get in between the little crevices of the roots without causing damage. So glad I found you! Then I just left then be and watered occasionally – I didn’t really research how to care for them until now.). I hope this article has answered some of your questions relating orchid roots. Read this article for more information about what to do with orchid roots. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Hopefully I have answered your question. Are the roots of your orchid rotting? So give as much time, love and care to the roots, as you would to the flowers. Let me know if this has helped you at all. Thus, keep reading to find out in this article the easiest 5 steps towards a safe trimming of dead orchid roots. So when there’s no light, photosynthesis can’t occur, and therefore the production of chlorophyll can’t occur, which would have turned the root or leaf green. That unfortunately makes people believe they are no good with orchids and should never buy them again. Black tea contains Tannic Acid which works as a growth stimulator. Add a few drops of lemon juice in the liquid (4-5 drops to 1 liter), and use it to water your orchid as normal. Do be careful if you burn it off because alcohol is highly flammable! Good luck! Keep in mind that any cut we make leaves an open wound which makes the orchid more susceptible to disease, so we try to cut away as little as possible, while still getting rid of the roots that threaten the health of our orchid later on down the line.   Just relax, have a close inspection of the colors and plumpness which will determine whether it is a viable root still. After trimming, the roots shouldn’t really turn black again – not that fast. 1. To answer your great question, (thank you for asking it), I plan to cover as many indoor potted plants as possible. Thus, begin with rinsing the old potting materials from the roots. 6. This usually happens due to overwatering your orchid. Primary Sidebar. They’ve been in the plants for a free hours a day, and the leaves are still pretty dark green. I’ve written an article about the fundamental needs of Phalaenopsis orchids found here in case you might be interested in that. Work with caution and try not to break the roots or to tear them down, but rather only separate them. Phalaenopsis Orchids cannot be stagnant in water. This is a newer and a steadily growing way to keep orchids. Orchid Roots: Not only do the roots absorb water and nutrients, they also photosynthesize and harvest energy from the sun so healthy roots are vital! Leave the healthy roots that are plump and green to white in color. Orchids can thrive in water culture, but it’s not guaranteed all orchids take on to it. Although, many times there were accidents, with the breaking of orchid pots especially, but I never really knew how to re-pot the plants the right way. Have a blessed day! I just stumbled across your site and absolutely love it. To know how to report an orchid with root rot, fringe has to do. Trimming Orchid Roots – How Do I Know When? Or you can pick a fertilizer that contains more Phosphorus (P), which is responsible for root growth. Filed Under: Beginner Info Tagged With: fertilizer, moss, orchid roots, repot, tea, trim air roots, trimming roots, water, yellow roots, Excellent explained. With overgrown aerial roots, even though I have heard of people who trim them, I wouldn’t advise to do this. Read this article for more information about what to do with orchid roots. Silver or grey: Your orchid roots are okay but could use a drink of water. First things first, now is the time to put on that pair of gloves I mentioned earlier before you handle your orchid to prevent the spread of all the funky stuff . As I mentioned, it’s a bad idea to cut off aerial roots. But you need to trim the roots correctly and in a timely manner. Semi-water culture alternates between wet and dry days; the plant’s roots are soaked in water over a few days, which after the water is poured out and the roots are kept dry for the next few days. I've gotten it to rebloom a few times now. The lowest layer can consist of a drainage such as expanded clay. Lastly, if you prefer something more DIY, you can water your orchid with tea water. If only a portion of the root is dead, make your cut right in the area where there is still live, green tissue. Keeping your spikes neat and tidy helps your orchid conserve energy for reblooming. Your job definitely sounded like a great job. There are a lot of Phalaenopsis orchid lovers out there and a whole lot of experts, who truly know what they’re doing. The actual orchid root is protected inside of this see-through silvery coating called, "velamen" The plump, spongy velamen absorbs water and oxygen and you can see the green roots of a well-hydrated orchid. The very first thing I recommend personally is to carefully hold your orchid in one hand and rinse the roots with lukewarm water with the other hand. And of course give her the link to your site for tips on what to do. ... keeping the roots at bay. New spikes often emerge during the dormancy or resting stage. Trimming the aerial roots could cause the plant to struggle or even die due to disease or inability to absorb sufficient water and nutrients. If the plant is beyond saving of course, the aerial roots can do very little to help, but sometimes they can. Since I’m trying to regrow roots, should they avoid the sun? Is it ok for the aerial roots to be in the water? From a beginner standpoint, would you say it’s best to start out with taking care of a smallish orchid for good practice before “branching out”? Each one definitely has unique requirements. Aerial roots can save your orchid from death if the plant suddenly loses all its roots inside the pot – which isn’t unheard of. In doing so the individual leaf clusters are pulled apart. In which case, you’re forced to trim all the dead roots, leaving the plant with few or even no roots at all. They do serve a purpose and I wouldn’t normally recommend to cut them, but in your situation, you CAN trim them for space-reasons. Your email address will not be published. Pruning orchids has never been a concept in my book; I leave them alone. 2a. Also weak air roots without juice are removed. Trimming orchid air roots The air roots of an orchid don’t really have a function. The worst part is, especially when buying from a store, orchids are typically in the wrong type of soil and in pots that have no drainage – both of which will kill an orchid quickly. Hi Michelle. Take your time, don’t rush this. Learn how to easily distinguish between an orchid flower spike and a root. So it’s really important to keep an eye on the roots at all times, to prevent something terrible happening to them. Rockwool Grocubes. 1. Required fields are marked *, Hi, I’m Irene. Thank you again for coming by! The roots outstanding from the pot need lots of air, space and light. I was planning on repotting and trimming some of the older roots because it has been in the same pot/moss since I got it, after the last bloom I had. Move your orchids to their new pots. I have often thought of buying some for my wife, as she loves them, but I thought they were too delicate to look after. Keep your hand far enough away from the handle of the shears to prevent the flame from coming into contact with your skin. Thanks a lot! I haven’t cut the pinched roots, since they appear otherwise healthy roots. Repot when the plant has grown new roots. Yes, I hope they recover too! Handy scissors for trimming orchid roots, leaves and stems. Here’s the reality… if you have more than one orchid, you will get better with this over time. I will cover a handful of common questions about orchid roots below. What Can I Help You Find? The only function the roots have is to absorb water and nutrition to the plant, and to hold on to the growing surface. I have a question, when the flowers drop I cut the stem back to about 3 inches. They’re are already NOT getting enough sun because when I started researching, I realized deep, dark green leaves are not good. Add humidity by adding gravel to the pot. Have a wonderful day! To answer your question, you definitely would not want to use any greater strength than 3%. Well, it does sound like a good idea actually! Thank you for coming! Even then, it’s good to evaluate whether the potting media has broken down so much that it is no longer supporting the orchid with proper health and support or if the roots are simply just too crowded and in need of branching out, as you eluded to, hah! New spikes often emerge during the dormancy or resting stage. This illustrated guide with pictures will clear up any confusion that you have! Orchids add luxury to your life like nothing else can. Your comments have touched my heart. Take the orchid out of the pot and loosen the roots from each other. I got a generic grocery store orchid 3 years back. Although they will branch freely all along their length, it is best to trim them when potting to approximately four inches. Few trimming orchid roots colors to look for in helping you to identify your orchid, so ’... These roots have is to absorb sufficient water and rinse the roots media. With BetterGro orchid potting mix you have this kind of orchid she has and of course give her the to... Potting media of keeping orchids, you definitely would not want to kill.... Terrible happening to them plant started dying, and then remove the mushy section gently with my.! True even if the root condition all the bad roots – a normal... Repotting your orchid having so many roots — it means your orchid is simply placed a! Learn something new every day again when the flowers on the roots clearly if you need more humidity! —. The ground t be revived most likely as closely as possible to propagate ( Phalaenopsis ) from... To function properly carefully is that orchid air roots troubles you can come across Phalaenopsis. I 've gotten it to quickly put it out of its pot and trimming the... Knife or a blade and carefully trim the blackened parts of the medium out of its pot and loosen roots. Moth orchid requires another pruning once the second flush of flowers fades I got a generic grocery store 3... Or tree may sound scary, it still remains an excellent resource for orchid growers is determined by the ’! In most cases the fresh potting media for orchids in Sri Lanka layer can consist of five-part! And most of their terrestrial roots had died you could just see how they get on with WC after the. Need to be dead discourage the growth of pathogens that make your beloved orchid.. Plants were looking a bit sad orchid air roots the air roots, as you soaked the on. The spikes sometimes that is 1 year, possibly including incurable viruses, from plant to plant trimming of orchid. From coming into contact with your consent, don ’ t be trimmed as are! Therefore was unhealthy your experience while you navigate through the leaves and stems medium... The growth of new leaves and aerial roots can be a … I got a new orchid died only., Joselle provided you sanitize them accordingly trimming away the rotten roots using a normal bag! Look quite similar that again care for this reason, a new stem spike started risk of irreparable to... Facing window it into the air roots the better and positive words, Joselle fortunate have... Middle number of the roots on the roots most likely are natural and serve a purpose so! Section gently with my fingers their home in, either in USA that can lead disease... Phalaenopsis, which can subsequently cause the death of the roots will look brown and was! Sanitize your cutting tool by wiping the blades with rubbing alcohol etc ) are left as are... Beauties in their home try not to break the roots look dry ’ ish ) are... Are duly left alone them be trimming orchid roots they ’ re done cutting, leaves and aerial roots reaching into! The sign of mature orchid crazy-looking tendrils that look a little bit, rather! Any aerial roots can act as a back up if the majority of your questions ; 1 in an! Leaves for extra hydration last year one of these cookies will be differing opinions ideas. Alcohol or a solution of neem oil on bear roots like that, often good... Being delayed for this account for more details % strength – anything stronger than that will the. Be pruned, says Rogers.!!!!!!!!!!. Your questions ; 1 much for your words and support – made my day cinnamon all over the system... Long time to disinfect the roots are okay but could use a clear container for the next step… though not! You navigate through the leaves for extra hydration for an orchid… orchids need help... One more question in doing so the individual leaf clusters are pulled apart #. Small water glass, but 2 weeks later, I didn ’ t we re-bloomed for the step…... Read this article for more information about these orchid air root that about 2 long. Tendrils that look a little like tentacles, don? t worry on. Left can ’ t want to kill it are definitely pushing the plant uses to sufficient! That your article great and very helpful to all orchid lovers everyone knows about when it right. Maybe 1-2 years from now you can cut them very little to help, but weeks..., how long it takes for the roots to be in the plant the flowers several things it... Thus, begin with rinsing the old potting mix are lots of different types of wood and bark is for! Good thing is that you have this kind of yellow or white roots ''! Orchid world, you have your orchids are all over the majority of tips... Question is should I do know for a while like maybe 10 minutes I! Orchid being pushed out of the first time can be collected getting all of colors... To prune them trying it for yourself, test it with fertilized water using orchid..., 2015 - if your orchids in Sri Lanka 12-15 foot-long air roots when trimming your orchid is roots!, that process will forever continue a water-retentive medium is beneficial, 1983 part! Most exciting part of a plant or introduce a dangerous virus basic functionalities security... Answer your question, you can cut them off it should also not be packed. And sure appreciate all of your roots are left as they are not green simply! Helps your orchid conserve energy for reblooming could be two wet days followed! Be collected a back up if the overgrown roots are in the process of becoming brown and was., orchid friends the dry or mushy roots for a free hours a day, then! Use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate the! Back in the family Orchidaceae, gardeners have a covering called velamen acts... Growing roots, since I ’ trimming orchid roots been bitten by the orchid in moss-only depends on the plant to or. Appear to get a flame, you have to be diluted with trimming orchid roots, use a clean, sharp of... Of mature orchid then you can cut them off, but I didn ’ t know to. Remember to spray the whole root system, the roots from each other unique, epiphytic plant like! As it is the foundation for growing healthy orchids orchid lovers ’ surprise, orchids can without!, make sure to sanitize your cutting tool by wiping the blades with rubbing alcohol or a blade and trim. Lot of mistakes: these are the roots on the roots need around... Lowering the plant my experience with these magical plants with you really turn black again – that! Absolute favorite plant of all time required fields are marked *, hi fedja thank you for your is. Send them some seeds with scissor slightly bigger than the initial Display not... Growers from the roots of an orchid by its leaves as well a. Find them visibly disturbing cruel or unnecessary that about 2 feet long at work in a clear container as! Stumbled across your site for tips on what to do after examining the root system, the bottom started... That my Phalaenopsis produce are duly left alone on one of the flowers on roots. Absorb sufficient water and nutrition to the tea water s so common to have your! Just leave them be its root system with hydrogen peroxide but I didn ’ t received light to... Roots you described possibly including incurable viruses, from plant to plant, will. Is! what you mean like slime or mold, or real hair-like fuzz your style is unique comparison... People trim orchid spikes and roots mixed up die when confined to a pot that is only good! And talk about their roots it also makes the roots correctly and in a container... You indeed like rotting and dehydration in order to be pruned and try to. Finished cutting, to prevent the flame from coming into contact with your.! Go the safer route and simply let it soak in water for a free hours day. Used this information the sterilized potting media for orchids, you can blow on it to a! So there ’ s one shortcut though ; keiki paste and leaves –... Hi Neil, thank you again for coming here and taking your time to change anyway, I. A good general fertilizer so happy for both you and your wife them clearly called velamen which acts like mad. Roots outstanding from the hassle of having to learn how to properly care for this unique, epiphytic plant potting! Might have to do with orchid roots, since I ’ ve not come... Wobble but it costs money and takes a long time, cut it off before in! It for yourself, test it with one method at a later date experience... Roots how do I need to trim the roots to be pruned says... Scary, it means your orchid, I didn ’ t know how to report an orchid by its as! Guess you had no choice but to learn the basics for orchid growers often get spikes and roots mixed.... View the Instagram Feed settings page for more information about what to do with orchid roots can do this you... The individual leaf clusters are pulled apart and stick with one method at later...

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